Part two of the update

So there has been an extreme change of program for reasons I cannot delve into on this blog. Our training was moved from Ouahigoya to the capital ouagadougou, which means that I will no longer be living with my host family…. I was rather upset about this because I only had the chance to stay with them for two nights and the second night was sooo much better than the first night. I sat outside with my host mother and the other women and children on my compound talking, eating to (there should be an accent over the o so it’s pronounced like toe) and shelling peanuts. Although my Moore isn’t that great I was able to communicate in french with my host mother and brother who would translate the moore into french for me. I was looking forward to the next two months with my family but in a couple of weeks I will be relocated to another family around Ouagadougou.

But I have another funny story…yay! The second night staying with my host family was quite eventful. After talking with my family I decided to go back to my room for some r and r. Now, my room is always 50 degrees hotter than hell so while i was talking and eating dinner i left my room door opened but closed and locked the screen door. When I got back it was a little bit cooler because it was going to rain that night, so it was only 45 degrees hotter than hell.  But, I decided to clean out my bag and then take some pictures of the room to post on the blog. As I’m sitting on the floor with all of my stuff around me, this HUGE Camel-back spider comes running towards me from under the bed!!! Needless to say I went to a-whole-nother level of crazy. I ran into my courtyard barefoot and screaming for my host mom. In my state of shock I couldn’t think of the word for spider or insect or anything to tell her what i needed her for. All I could say was..” hurry up and come over here there’s a….ahhh….just hurry up please!!!”  So she comes and two other women from the compound and they go into the room. She’s like I don’t see anything. I peak around the corner of the door and it’s right by the door where I stuck my freaking head!! Again, I scream and jump around and yell. As the women stand there laughing at me, my host mom kills it and then picks it up like, “this is what you were scared of?” Meanwhile, the spider is like the size of a cell phone. I’m like, hell yea that’s what I was afraid of and we don’t have shit like that in the U.S.!  After I had her quadruple check my room for anymore, I jumped in the bed and tucked my mosquito net in extremely tight around the bed and grabbed my knife (I know this image sounds crazy as hell but imagine how crazy I felt).

Despite the spider incident and the other small unfortunate events, I love it here. The Burkinabe and Peace Corps staff are just amazing!  The food has been really good except for one thing…the flies. This is by far one of the biggest challenges I have with eating here. It is so hard to find food that hasn’t been contaminated with flies. Now there are plenty of people here, local and American who sit down and dine with the problem. I, on the other hand, look like I have Terrets every time I sit down to eat. Like, the flies here are so savage! They just land on anything and then like aggressively attack your food. Let’s just say I’ve lost some weight already. When I’ve been here long enough to no longer care about dining with flies at every meal, I will be sure to let you all know.

So, I know some of you are just dying to send me care packages full of American stuff! And I promise to send you something back as well!  I will place at the side of my blog, a list of things I would like to receive at anytime. The address remains posted under my picture, and if you send me something let me know in an email so I know to expect it. Also, don’t forget to spell my name out and write par avion on the box. I’ve really lost track of the days here but I think my birthday is coming up…I keep feeling like I’m going to wake up one day like, “damn, my birthday was last week!” It has truly been that hectic. Sorry for the lack of organization in this post, but it’s simply a reflection of the lack of organization in my life right now lol. I will try to keep the post a little more “themed”.  To my family and friends, I love and miss you ever so much! In Moore there is a saying, “Laafi Bala” which means guess what…Peace and Blessings! They say this in response to EVERYTHING!!! So, I will steal it for the sake of assimilation :)

Peace and Blessings/ Laafi Bala

Song: Closer- Slum Village ft. Dwele

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3 Responses to Part two of the update

  1. YEYO says:

    So glad to hear how things are working out for you. I know you will adapt easily. I miss you so much.. YeYo

  2. Brittany says:

    Awww I am so happy you are enjoying yourself my love! I will be sure to send you a care package! Love you

  3. Keisha says:

    Takiyah, love all of the posts I have read so far! I know we are assigned to different parts of the world, but we have the same general experiences with bugs, learning about a culture so different from our own, the language, and the effort of trying to bond with the local people. The crazy and unexpected moments in our service, are truly the best ones, and reward memories for a lifetime!

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